OIG, State Exclusion & SAM Monitoring – Monthly

Simplified OIG, State Exclusion & SAM Monitoring

Each month it is recommended you check all of your employees against the Federal OIG (Office of Inspector General) List of Excluded Individuals, and every state Medicaid Exclusion List.

With EF Research’s OIG, Medicaid Exclusion and SAM check tool, you enter your employees one time and press run and we instantaneously check each of your employees against each of the lists.

For the next month, all of your employees and vendors are saved and it will take you only a few minutes to run them all again.

Give us a call, we would be happy to sign you up!

What our customers say

EF Research’s OIG & State Medicaid check tool saves at minimum 5 hours a month. I login, update my employee list and press run and I’m finished – 2-3 minutes tops… EACH MONTH!

-Skilled Nursing HR Director

The portal is so easy to use, instantly I’m able to run all of my employees through every list. I am always ready for an audit by the state and always confident my Medicaid Exclusions and OIG checks are in order.

-Home Health OwnerHome Health Owner