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Update to Louisiana Law for Non-Licensed Healthcare Workers

The Louisiana Legislature added two crimes to the Do Not Hire list for Non-Licensed Healthcare Workers and Licensed Ambulance Personnel. As a result, employers should not hire any person that has been convicted of the following two crimes: RS 14:67.16 – Identity Theft RS 14: 283.3 – Abuse of persons with infirmities through electronic means …


What exactly is a ‘Waiver’ in Medicaid/Medicare?

The Office of the Inspector General can exclude any party from providing Medicare, Medicaid and other health services under the following circumstances: • Felony or misdemeanor conviction for fraud or other offences committed during provision of health care services, • Felony or misdemeanor conviction for manufacturing, distributing or prescribing illegal or controlled substances, • Abuse …


What is the Medicare Fraud Strike Force and what do they do?

The Medicare Fraud Strike Force (simply known as ‘Strike Force), is an inter-agency team of state and federal law enforcement and health services bodies, whose key responsibility is to identify and crack down on fraud in the health care system. The strike force collects and analyses suspicious data from suspected perpetrators to identify suspicious billing …