About Us

The culture of our company is top down, starting with our founder and President, Dr. Ernest Freeman, III DPh.

Ernie’s priority is his customers.  When the day is over and it’s time to go home, he forwards all calls to his personal cell phone.  He doesn’t do this only on week nights, but weekends as well.  He takes pride in the opportunity to serve customers, and anyone who has spoken to him knows it.

Ernie has over 30 years experience in the Health & Long Term Care Industry. Previously he served in senior management positions with National Health Enterprises, Tenet & Medisave Pharmacies.

In addition to being a licensed pharmacist and expert on drug testing, to serve the background checks needs of our clients, Ernie is also an Authorized Agent of the State Police and a PI.  His focus is on running an organization that provides a quality product to its customers, to ensure compliance, hiring decisions, and the safety and health of your employees and those that you serve.

Ernie has a amazing wife of 35+ years, three great kids (on most days), and an ever increasing flock of grand kids.  If he could be anywhere in the world though, it would be on the small farm in rural Brownsville, TN where he grew up.

We hope you have the opportunity to speak with Ernie next time you call.

In addition to Ernie, there is compliment of great people that work with you at EF Research. 

We would like to highlight and thank the numerous other employees who work to support customers day in and day out, including the –

  • Full & Part Time staff covering a number of functions
  • Talented Nurses supporting the wellness programs
  • Medical Director providing leadership to the wellness programs
  • Legal Counsel to support our customers
  • Amazing IT Development Team