Who We Serve

We provide you the flexibility to manage your entire organization from one chair. Our services allow customers to centralize decision making or allow it to be made on a local level.

If you have over 100+ employees, our hiring and wellness programs will prove a significant Return on Investment, with the highest customer service and responsiveness in the industry.

We provide the most thorough investigation on your new hires from multiple databases to ensure your hiring decisions. Detailed reports from the state as well as parish / county.

Ensure the highest level of safety and health is provided to your patients, in their setting. EF Research is the most trusted Background Check company in the Home Health & Hospice industry.

Less than 100 employees? EF research allows you the ability to thoroughly, yet efficiently manage the HR and Wellness process of your organization.

In the business of hiring? We can reduce your hiring costs and well as work to manage your risk population by bringing down your insurance premiums.


Authorized Agent of the State Police for 15+ years

Partner with lab providers to offer over 1,000+ different drug testing collection sites for the ease of your employees

Access to search 3,000+ County & Parish Criminal Record Offices to ensure your compliance

Combined database of 200,000+ people excluded by the OIG, SAM and State Medicaid Programs that is always up to date

Committed to the health and safety of our partners and those for whom they provide care.