Host a flu vaccination clinic this fall to keep your employees safe and ensure business continuity


Any employer has a good idea of what the flu season means for the work environment: work hours and productivity dip as employees call in sick, or whenever parents have to stay home to nurse their kids. With the fall season fast approaching, it’s important for everyone to get vaccinated to avoid catching the flu and contaminating those around them.
Businesses can participate in flu prevention campaigns by hosting a flu vaccination clinic at their premises. EF Research, LLC has been hosting on site flu vaccinations statewide for 17 years in Louisiana, focusing on employers, senior groups and community events. Providing shots by professional nurses under the guidance of a medical director.

Steps involved in hosting a flu vaccination clinic
A. Planning
Planning should be done before the Fall season, which is when the flu starts. Consider the following when planning:
• Discuss the idea with key managers, labor representatives and employees. The vaccination drive will be more successful if you have their support and their input.
• Set a goal for the vaccination clinic; the aim should be to get all employees vaccinated. Share results (e.g % turnout) with management and employees as this will help you get more support in the future.
• Set up a team to coordinate activities before, during and after the flu vaccination clinic. The team leader should preferably have experience in the health sector or be knowledgeable about workplace safety. Ensure that everyone in the team is aware of their responsibilities.
• Liaise with outside experts, such as EF Research, LLC , a pharmacy or a community health provider to offer the vaccination at your work premises.
• Determine the need for vaccination among employees. If demand is high, plan to host multiple clinics or get a large enough venue.
• Inform managers of the vaccination date and time so that they can allow employees to attend the vaccination clinic without impacting business.
• Encourage employees to show up with members of their families or other people from the community.

B. Promotion
To ensure a high turnout:
1. Promote the vaccination clinic
• Use promotional material such as posters and flyers to sensitize employees on the need for vaccination and inform them of the date and time of the clinic. Deploy the advertising material in high traffic areas such as cafeterias.
• Publish an article about flu prevention in the company’s internal communication media
• Ask your managers and supervisors to inform employees about the clinic
• Talk about it on social media

2. Offer incentives such as
• Subsidizing the cost of vaccination or offering if for free.
• Make the activity fun and engaging by holding departmental contests and rewarding the department with the highest number of vaccinated employees.
• Provide refreshments

C. Logistics
• Ensure the space reserved for the clinic is spacious, accessible, convenient for all, comfortable and private.
• Ask all managers to set a good example by showing up on time and being first in line for the vaccination.

If you’re sponsoring the flu vaccination outside your business premises, do the following:
• Schedule a vaccination date and time with EF Research, LLC, or request your office building’s management to host the vaccination clinic for all the tenants in the building.
• Promote the flu vaccination day, time and venue using posters and flyers. You can also use email, intranet or company newsletter. The promotional material should also talk about the benefits of flu prevention.
• On the scheduled day, allow enough time for your employees to go for the vaccination.
• Ask your employees to encourage their families to get vaccinated

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